Roundtable Discussion Takeaways: How Can We Move the RV Industry

The RVWA Breakfast during Elkhart Open House included engaging roundtable discussions where attendees shared insight and ideas on a range of topics submitted by RVWA members. Each table host took note of the key takeaways from their discussions and we will be sharing these in the upcoming weeks.
Next up, Kim Gregory shares the key takeaways from the discussion on how we move the RV industry forward.

1. If there were no barriers, what would you do to advance our industry?

  • More woman designers and product managers
  • Focus on the woman who are really the decision makers in purchasing an RV
  • More collaboration between men and woman in the industry and promoting more woman into traditionally male positions
  • More female representation on boards and executive teams
  • Be data driven with forward thinking and planning

2. What is the most exciting opportunity you see for our industry today?

  • Moving to a younger demographic
  • Technology growth at the OEM level all the way to the end user that will improve our industry
  • Camping off the grid and providing the units, technology and products that will help make that happen.
  • Creating creative floor plans and new color schemes
  • Full Timer travel – family’s, couples, business. Living the lifestyle everyday/quality of life
  • Improve the quality of units

3. Do you feel you are connected and engaged with the industry?

  • Resounding No
  • More connection and communication with industry leaders
  • Find a way to use everyone’s strengths and contributions to the industry
  • Build forums for woman
  • Empower and educate woman

Attendees came up with a lot of great ideas on how to move the RV industry forward—and many of these can be influenced by RVWA. The Board looks forward to discussing these ideas and incorporating ways to address these ideas into our strategic plan.