RVWA feels a great responsibility and a sense of destiny. Our commitment is to never lose sight of the real purpose of our industry and the significance of our work. The RV Industry doesn’t just build a product. We recognize that we impact the lives of those who purchase our products by creating the tools for them to experience life to the fullest. We are a part of creating memories that last much longer than any product ever will. Our impact doesn’t end when the unit is retired, it continues through the memories of those whose lives we touched. If you work or are training to join our industry workforce, we invite you to join.

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Our Mission

To facilitate a collaborative environment with the common goal of elevating the roles and contributions of women in our industry by promoting the benefits of diversity through education, resources, and opportunities.

Our Vision

Extraordinary women and men working together to inspire and empower the next generation of diverse leaders; creating opportunities, enhancing careers, and united in mission.

Our Membership

Our primary focus is women, but our members are both male and female. We value the contribution of both genders and refer to our male members as “champions” because they support and believe in the contributions women can make.

Want to get the latest on our amazing Drab to Fab Project. It has it’s very own website now. Click the link below to learn more and get involved.


Commit to Grit

Commit to Grit by RVWA Member Angel Swindell of Freelance by Starfish Services. Shannon Huffman Polson, Author of The Grit Factor (coming out soon) and CEO of The Grit Institute,

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RVWA Partners with Girl Camper

RVWA Partners with Girl Camper by RVWA Member Angel Swindell of Freelance by Starfish Services. “When you love something, you want to let people in on it” is the type

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Outdoor Organizations Unite

Outdoor Organizations Unite by RVWA Member Angel Swindell of Freelance by Starfish Services Jessica Wahl Turner, Executive Director at Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR) joined us for the June 6, 2020

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