Roundtable Discussion Takeaways: How Can We Take RVWA to the Next Level

The RVWA Breakfast during Elkhart Open House included engaging round table discussions where attendees shared insight and ideas on a range of topics submitted by RVWA members. Each table host took note of the key takeaways from their discussions and we will be sharing these in the upcoming weeks.

Next up, Jordyn Foos shares the key takeaways from the discussion on how we can take RVWA to the next level:

  • Networking was the reoccurring theme. Members want RVWA to serve as a way to connect members with networking events and introduce people to one another.
  • A mentorship program with an RVWA facilitator to match and run the program would add significant value.
  • More active promotion of RVWA to gain awareness of the new group.
  • More volunteer events like the Elkhart Habitat for Humanity, which was highly rated. Small events like these are great ways to connect members with one another.
  • Develop and publicize the RVWA business plan with RV executives. Increase face-time with managers and hiring managers to help spread the mission and raise funds for RVWA.
  • Host virtual events with topics that are relevant to members from across the country, industry and levels. One idea was a vulnerability workshop with emphasis on empowering RVWA members.
  • Share member lists with members and promote the companies that are represented on our website.
  • Consider having job postings on our website and social media pages to get the companies tied into working with us.
  • Support from trade association leadership would increase the organization stature.
  • Having a committee focused on education would show the commitment to professional development of our members.
  • OEMs, dealerships and parts managers/admins represent a significant area of opportunity for membership.
  • Potentially include the marine industry in some capacity to increase our reach.
  • More committees would be great to create more opportunities for members to get involved.
  • Make the value of the being a members more clear, especially since membership in the organization is free.

These are all great ideas for moving the organization to the next level. The Board looks forward to discussing these ideas and implementing many in the near future. Have any additional ideas to add to this list? Contact RVWA Vice President Jordyn Foos at jfoos@nbm.com.