Roundtable Discussion Takeaways: What makes a mentorship relation

The RVWA Breakfast during Elkhart Open House included engaging round table discussions where attendees shared insight and ideas on a range of topics submitted by RVWA members. Each table host took note of the key takeaways from their discussions and we will be sharing these in the upcoming weeks.

To start us off, Marjorie Roy shares the key takeaways from the discussion on what makes a mentorship relationship work.1. Mentors should be outside of your organization

  • Because they are not directly involved, a mentor is then able to have a different perspective on various aspects of the industry.

2. Having a natural connection is critical

  • Sometimes people are automatically paired with someone within a company, and if they do not have a good camaraderie with that person, it can be challenging to have a successful mentoring relationship.

3. People who are working together in a mentor relationship need to be open to new ideas/innovation

  • Just because things work a certain way, it should not mean that a company should be closed to suggestions on improving processes.

4. Networking events can help people expand their opportunities to develop a mentor relationship, as well as get to know more people in the industry

  • RVWA should consider regional events that can cater to members that many not travel.
  • Possibly creating opportunities to meet at dealerships could help younger members understand the industry from a different point of view.

5. Mentors do not necessarily need to be a person within a respective company, it can be someone within the industry. It is nice to have someone to speak to or ask questions to, that is not always directly involved with the everyday tasks. RVWA’s Board of Directors and Membership Committee will take this feedback and incorporate it into it’s plans to encourage mentorship relationships between RVWA members.