“My Camping Dream Is” Campaign Launches to Huge Success


UPDATE August 2, 2020:

Thank you to all of the industry organizations that participated in our “My Camping Dream” campaign. We are so thrilled with the outcome and the way that companies from all sectors of our industry came together to participate. Collectively over 700K emails went out and thousands of customers were inspired to visit our site. Other campaigns were launched with united themes and our industry has seen the benefit. It was a collective effort and the first of it’s type. But all of the credit goes to our collective customers who love camping and have supported our industry through unprecedented times. We are so thankful to have been named one of the safest activities that you can do and we will continue to strive to make ever camping dream come true!

Our sincerest and heartfelt thanks,

RVWA Members, Sponsors and Partners

It has been nothing short of a miracle that what started simply as a fun idea just two weeks ago, has bloomed into a huge success. The goal was not fame, money, power, or prestige. No one person or organization can take all the credit. It was another fine American story of pulling together (even fierce competitors) and working together for a goal that is bigger than all of us.

It is time to rekindle our joy and have a big win! While still respecting guidelines and protecting those at risk, we need to dream again. The action of dreaming is a powerful tool to be used as a flashlight when things may be dim to navigate in the darkness. RVWA is partnering with professionals from every corner of the industry called “Guides” to provide this opportunity at ZERO cost to any participant.

Everyone is invited and welcome… Campers, Guides and Seekers. Although we do not feel a need to have anything “proven” to us, we do expect to see positive results ripple throughout our community. We have witnessed with wonder before what can happen when we dream. Join us and check out all the buzz below.