The Journey To Leadership

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The Journey To Becoming A Leader and Not Just A Boss

Simply stated, RVWA exists to support women in our industry. The goal of this support is to see improvement in your lives.

One of the ways that the industry measures the success of women in the industry is by their title or role. This is because title and role often represent authority and salary.

However, I believe that these statistics can be very deceiving if not evaluated properly. I do not believe that a title and a role define what is often the most important aspects of success as a woman in the workplace. Things like impact, satisfaction, and respect or value mean as much to be as a title and dollars.

This month I hope to explore the idea of what leadership really is and how we as women can become the leaders in the workforce that WE want to be.

Personally, I have found the greatest satisfaction and reward when I am doing what truly makes me happy. And then….everything else follows, including the money!

What is the difference between a boss and a leader to you?

Share your thoughts below in our comments section.

About the Author:

Sandy has served in the business strategy and technology consulting field for 20 (something) years. She currently serves as the Executive Director of RVWA and her passion is connecting people, traveling in her RV with her husband and Shitzu Morgan, and spreading SPARKLE wherever she goes!