The Power Of YOU with Shelly Shepherd


On Friday, February 5 , Shelly Shepherd taught us how to better understand ourselves and those around us. With a personal vision to be part of a global women’s network that empowers life, leadership and legacy of women and girls around the world, Shelly was right at home with the members of the RV Women’s Alliance.

“I once read that if the human body were reduced to its chemical components, it would be worth about $1.76. But we human beings are worth so much more than that. With fingerprints like snowflakes—no two alike—we are energy-filled, action-oriented phenomena capable of creating symphonies, curing diseases, building universities, and risking our lives on behalf of others,” said Shelly. “We have an innate need and desire to form teams, to bond with others in fascinating, frustrating, and fulfilling ways to create something new. Whether it is the team of two deciding to get married and raise a family or a team of seventy executives leading a billion-dollar enterprise, the ability to form meaningful and creative bonds is the essence of civilization.”

During the Coffee, Lunch, and Learn, Shelly Shepherd presented information and insights on the four basic elements of earth, water, wind, and fire. She demonstrated how each of us contains all of them, yet one or two elements will particularly dominate and drive our behaviors, attitudes, and actions. The four elements of fire, earth, water, and wind will help you understand your spouse, children, in-laws, boss, coworkers, suppliers, and customers better. And most of all, it is fun and easy to use. Once you know your Elemental makeup you won’t easily forget it which means there’s a greater chance that you will use your Elements to improve your communication and relationships.

To find out your own Elemental makeup, head to www.PathElements.com.

Watch the full video below:

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