From Frantic to Focused, Part 2 with Beth Caldwell


On Friday, February 12, author and Career Coach Beth Caldwell joined our Coffee Lunch and Learn again to share more with us about her wisdom on how to go from Frantic to Focused. Beth helps her clients make powerful SHIFTS in life and business. Her refreshing style and unlimited energy have impacted men and women around the world. She is the founder of the SHIFT Coaching Program for Women, Leadership Academy for Women and the host of the popular WebTV Program Monday Morning Mastermind.

In this second session, Beth continued to share success strategies for women who are ready to break through guilt barriers and enjoy successful careers along with peace in their personal lives. This workshop is ideal for any woman who strives for excellence both personally and professionally. You’ll learn simple success strategies and discover easy A-HA’s that are both important and inspirational. Prepare to laugh, cry, and be motivated.

The audience learned:

  • Simple strategies for work and life success without guilt
  • Important emotional tools that men have mastered
  • Why you need to start saying NO more often than you say yes
  • How to stop being so hard on yourself

Watch the full video below:

Event sponsored by LaVanture Products