RVWA Spotlight: Introducing Madi White of Genesis Products

Madi White – You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You might say Madi White kind of enjoys going through life head-first.

At only age 21, White has worked her way up from being an intern to landing her degree and a job as outside sales representative at Genesis Products, a supplier to the RV industry of interior panels, countertops and window treatments.

And it’s the head-first aspect of the industry that seems to appeal to White.

“My step-dad has been in the RV industry for quite some time now,” she said. “I grew up just being around it. I loved the chaos of it in a weird way. I love being busy. I love being in the middle of everything with all these moving parts.”

White is just in her second full-time year at Genesis. She started as an intern while entering her senior year at the University of Indiana-Bloomington, where she also played on the school’s women’s soccer team.

Her internship consisted of helping out on the sales order team.

The following May, she was offered a job in inside sales, which later translated into a position in outside sales.

“I love getting to know the people and helping people get what they need to get their stuff done,” White said. “The people really are the best part. You get to hear so many other people’s stories, who they are, their upbringing, what brought them to the industry. And pros and cons – there’s not always a pretty side to everything.”

But there is seemingly a hidden opportunity nearly everywhere in the industry for those who are willing to look for it and to apply themselves, White said.

That’s part of her head-first approach to life.

“You kind of just have to throw yourself in there,” she said. “I was just a little intern and I grew up being around the industry and somewhat familiar with how it worked but in the end I had to just throw myself in there. My favorite saying ever is you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself.”

White said she is excited for the opportunities she sees developing for women within the industry and wants to be a part of that growth.

She said she sees the industry as a hidden little gem with plenty of opportunity.

“I was lucky and able to graduate school quite a bit early,” she said. “It had some consequences an sacrifices that came with it. But ultimately it was worth it because I’ve been able to meet so many people and get a jump start in the industry and really try to make a career out of all of this.”

She encourages other women within the industry to not be afraid to step out and be themselves while seeking advancement.

“It’s hard to really be yourself sometimes in certain scenarios when you want to be more reserved to feel the room,” she said. “You still want to do that, but it never hurts taking a little initiative an putting your name out there and talking to people. If it’s business-related or not, it’s always good to get to know people and what they stand for, their stories. That all starts by just saying hi and introducing yourself.”