Opportunity exists for RVWA members to volunteer on nine different task forces that move the needle on projects that support our core initiatives: Elevate, Educate and Promote Women.

Participation is flexible and allows for members to get involved in a variety of event-based or long-term projects as time allows, meeting other RVWA members from around the world along the way.


Educational Workshops (Virtual and In Person)

Group will work together to identify educational opportunities, vet workshop instructors, coordinate event and provide post workshop recaps. Task force will meet once a month.


Planning and preparation for the RVWA Educational Symposium including selecting speakers, workshop instructors and panelists. You will be involved with analyzing feedback from the prior year's event to ensure we are exceeding expectations of our members. Task forces will meet once to twice a month and may require additional meetings during key planning timing and closer to the event.

Women’s Tech Class

Task force will continue to evolve and expand the program, creating the best possible experience and outcome for the participants. Group will evaluate applicants and scholarship requests. Task force will meet once a month.


Task force is responsible for continuing to evaluate the program, identifying opportunities for improvement and expansion. Team will review applications and match new mentor/mentees. Task force will meet once a month.

Member Engagement and Networking


Spring campout will have a task force of 5-7 people who will be responsible for planning and managing spring campout. This group will create the agenda, determine activities/menu and coordinate any partnerships. Meetings will be once a month from December - June and will require additional meetings in March/April as the event gets closer.

Social/Volunteer Events & Open House
Social/Volunteer Events & Open House

This task force is responsible for creating opportunities for our members to socialize and network. They will plan the events and work with the marketing team to ensure the events are well advertised and attended. Events task force will meet once a month.


The RVWA champion of women awards are given out each year at the educational symposium. This task force will work on any adjustments to criteria for the awards, vet applicants and determine finalists and winners. They will meet once a month from March - October and will require some extra time to evaluate and scorecard applications.

RV Build/Remodel

RVWA will be working on a revised program around a RV build/remodel, kicking off in 2024 with completion and promotion targeted for 2025.

Partner Engagement


RVWA was founded to serve and support the women of the RV industry, with a goal of keeping membership free for all who wish to participate. To do this we rely on sponsors to support the organization and our events. The sponsorship task force will support the RVWA staff in developing sponsorship materials, identifying possible sponsors/contacts, proposal development and relationship management. This task force will meet once a month.

Join a task force

If you are interested in joining a task force please fill out this form and indicate which task force you would prefer to be on.