Meet Jordyn Foos

Member Spotlight

Media Consultant at RV PRO Magazine; Vice President of RVWA and Head of Sponsorship Committee

Produced in partnership with RVBusiness, the RVWA Spotlight is designed to introduce members of the RV Women’s Alliance to the rest of the RV industry as well as raise the awareness of RVWA and its mission, which is to bring together a diverse group of extraordinary women and men from across the RV industry who, through social and educational programs, mentorship and networking opportunities, are inspired and empowered to realize their individual potential, enhance their career experiences and create opportunities for the next generation of women leaders.

Tell us a little bit about your job.

My job is to help suppliers, RV Manufacturers, distributors & other RV industry companies with their marketing and branding efforts through editorial and advertising strategies.

What do you like best about your job?

I love engaging with my clients. For instance- so many of my conversations are fun ones. We talk business of course but, that is the “small” part and intention. Building relationships and getting to know people from all over the US and Canada has been really rewarding personally. I also, really enjoy working for a media outlet that has very talented editors/writers, designers, and a team that works extremely hard to provide a interesting publication and content for our readers. 🙂

Where else have you worked?

CUTCO Knives/ Vector Marketing; Mountain States Medical- Sales Manager; AimHire (recruiting company)- Director of Business Development;

What was your first paid job?

My first paid job was working at a Tanning Salon (Planet Beach)- gosh that’s embarrassing, lol.

What do you like best about the RV industry?

My favorite thing about the RV Industry is the people of course. We all work hard to provide a lifestyle for people to enjoy time with their families. I think that translates to each and every person in regard to the “Family” type feel you get. I’ve been in this industry for 3 years and I’ve met some of the most kind and hardworking people. I also think it’s worth mentioning that I’ve worked in other industries in various sales positions and what’s great about RV is that a majority of the people that I contact, respond, engage, genuinely care about you, and get back to you. Which speaks to the character/type of people this industry attracts.

The one thing the industry needs to work on is…

Diversity and equality, it’s far past time to address this in the RV industry.

The most influential person in my career has been…

My Dad- RJ Foos. He recently sold his very successful Waste Company (PRO DISPOSAL INC.) here in Denver that he built from the ground up. He risked a lot to start his own business, literally mortgaged our house, but he never gave up and turned lemons to lemonade with a work ethic unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen. I like to think my dad has had a tremendous influence on how I conduct myself personally and professionally- as I learned from him- it’s persistence and being genuine with people that gets you further along

The one thing people might be surprised to know about me is…

I’ve been working on my own comedy stand up for the past 10 years. My plan is debuting my sketch for family and friends when I’m 60. It’s important to release it then as my sketch is about “a lifetime of humor and inconveniences”. I’m also currently writing a book about my mom’s adoption story and how she recently found her birth mom and family members. 🙂

As a member of RVWA, I hope to…

I hope to help lead & connect women and men in the industry to promote a more diverse and innovative network of meaningful business relationships. I’d love to see 1000 members join RVWA in the next year and have the support and sponsorship of over 100 companies committed to the RVWA mission. The power of networking and meeting people that help advance our members careers in the RV industry and hopefully that will give more people purpose and confidence is something that I think every RVWA member and board member can agree on is something we hope to accomplish. Moreover, I’d like to see the companies in the industry we all love and work in- take a look at their current employee structures- are their things they can be doing to promote diversity and empowering the ‘right person’ for the job? How can they either improve or advance their current views/practices on equality at their companies? I think these are the questions RVWA will force people to think about, which is absolutely a positive thing for the industry.