Coffee, Lunch & Learn Launches

Update: Our first Coffee, Lunch and Learn went great! They continue every Friday at noon EDT. Some content in the post below may have changed.

As things are changing rapidly, we want you to know that YOU have been at the top of our minds. Our goal remains what it always has been – to support you as an individual and as a leader in your organization.

We know that there are many tough choices ahead. We also know that as a community standing together we can get through this. We have been in the process of rolling out new technology and processes that will allow us to serve you better and stay connected more easily. But as the isolation begins to take its toll, we thought we might jump ahead and try something that was supposed to come later a little early.

Our plan has always been to create opportunities to connect with you regularly and provide resources and educational experiences that help you grow both personally and professionally. But now we are recognizing needs for just connecting, and if there happens to be education involved all the better.

So starting Friday, March 27th, at noon eastern time, we will begin holding Coffee, Lunch and Learn events. We invite you to join us to intentionally stay connected with others in our industry during this season.

Here’s the link. Password is 123456 🙂

These Lunch and Learns will provide a consistent time and place for us to come together as members of RVWA, to process these changes together, share how we are succeeding despite the conditions, and ask for advice from others when we don’t quite feel successful. In these uncertain and sometimes overwhelming times, you don’t need to walk alone. We hope you’ll join us!

Sometime before our first session, consider the following:

  • What area of expertise do I have that I can share with fellow members?
  • Where am I struggling the most and what questions do I need to ask to move past the struggle?
  • What things can RVWA do to help you the most during this time?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we’re with you and for you. Now, more than ever, we’re better together!
Pushing Forward,
Sandy Ellingson, Executive Director (and chief Encouragement officer

RVWA 2020

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