Internships and Experiential Learning with Dr. Robert Shindell

Everyone knows the value of internships, but does your organization run a strong intern program that maintains a pipeline of highly qualified candidates for full-time roles? Internships and other forms of experiential education help students make a seamless transition to the world of work and are a perfect vehicle to increase retention rates, complete short-term projects, and identify future hires.

For the above to be true, organizations must host effective and meaningful programs. How is this done? What are students looking for? What are the expectations of universities? What can organizations do to make their programs the best they can be? During this Coffee, Lunch, and Learn with Dr. Robert Shindell from Intern Bridge, the nation’s leading experiential education research & consulting firm, shared a newfound approach to internships based on in-depth research and proven strategies.

Watch the full video below:

Event sponsored by Huebner Marketing