Inspiring Women Recognized as Finalists for Trailblazer Award for Lifetime Achievement


During the RV Women’s Alliance Educational Symposium, the RV Women’s Alliance will recognize the Trailblazers of the RV Industry at the Awards Dinner. The RV Women’s Alliance Trailblazer Award For Lifetime Achievement recognizes women who have made significant contributions to the RV industry’s advancement while also paving the way for other women to follow in her path. The RV Women’s Alliance’s highest honor, the Trailblazer Award For Lifetime Achievement is presented annually to an RV Women’s Alliance individual member.


“Throughout my 30-plus year career in the RV Industry there have been many women who have paved the way for others to come up behind them. The entire industry is better because of these women,” said RV Women’s Alliance President Susan Carpenter. “It is an honor to be able to recognize the lifetime achievement of these impressive women that have blazed the trail for so many other women.”


After careful review of the many applications, the award selection committee has narrowed down the award nominations to the following four finalists.


Tracy Anglemeyer, RV Technical Institute

Tracy Anglemeyer

Tracy Anglemeyer has made significant contributions to the RV industry throughout her career, demonstrating a consistent track record of trailblazing success and growth in various roles. Throughout her career, Tracy has displayed not only the skills and expertise required to excel in her roles but also the determination and tenacity to break through the glass ceiling. Working for many RV companies throughout her career, Tracy has excelled from product development to sales. In each position, she successfully coordinated and worked with multiple stakeholders, creating strong relationships and synergies to achieve ambitious goals and further solidify her status as a trailblazer in the industry.


Tracy not only leads by example through her outstanding achievements but also contributes to the growth and development of the industry by dedicating her time and leadership to the RV Women’s Alliance. As a founding member of the Board of Directors, Tracy has played an instrumental role in shaping the organization’s vision and promoting the empowerment of women in the industry.


Tracy established the mentorship program within the RV Women’s Alliance, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of female talent. By generously offering her time and expertise as a mentor, Tracy is making a direct impact on the personal and professional growth of aspiring women in the RV industry and helping to create a more diverse

and inclusive environment. She is also a driving force behind RVWA’s all-female RV tech classes taught by the RV Technical Institute. Her accomplishments serve as an inspiration for women in the industry and have paved the way for a more diverse and inclusive future in the world of RVs.


Julie Finer, Winnebago Industries

As a young newlywed fresh out of college, Julie joined the RV world in September 1978. Starting at the lowest pay grade job at Winnebago as a file clerk. She faced her job with ambition and vigor, which did not go unnoticed. Through the next 8 years and family expansion she managed her home, and career, and helping her husband with farm chores.


Julie’s file clerk job led to a position with the WIT club, Winnebago’d owner club. She continued to move up the company ladder and settled into a position in the Stitchcraft division. As a member of the Stitchcraft team, Julie’s love for soft goods grew. A quick study and a strong worth ethic helped Julie excel.


With her yearning for creativity, Julie found her place in the Interior Design Studio. With a quilting background, a love of textiles, and a keen eye for trend spotting, Julie shines. Her passion for furniture continues to make her a leader as she works toward new and innovative designs.


Julie’s ability to teach through example is inspiring. She shares her knowledge generously. She has shown that no matter where you start you have an opportunity to pursue your dreams and live a life that fills your soul with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Julie is a strong and passionate woman who inspires her colleagues.


Lori Stacy, RV Trader

Lori Stacy began her career at Trader Interactive in 1997 holding many different positions rising through the ranks from Sales Manager to National Sales Trainer, General Manager, Director, President, and finally CEO. Lori has been a passionate RV enthusiast since she was young, when her parents would use their summer vacations to explore the nation in an RV. As CEO, Lori was instrumental in leading the company’s transition from print RV ad publisher to becoming a fully digital company by 2010. Additionally, she has led multiple launches and acquisitions, bringing the company to now oversee 21 different brands, including RV Trader. The launch of the RV Trader marketplace has helped boost the success and exposure of thousands of dealers and manufacturers. Not only has Lori’s vision connected buyers and sellers in the recreational vehicle industry, but she has also created various employee opportunities for 353 employees across 30 different states and Canada. Her eye for talent and commitment to success over the years has certainly made an impact across the company and has helped push the RV industry forward.


Lori has also cemented herself as a champion for women. She ensures that women are not only represented in the industry, but also have opportunities to lead the charge on highly impactful projects. Trader Interactive has many accomplished female executives who have helped shape

the company’s success over the years, and Lori does an excellent job at making sure this hard work does not go unnoticed.


Whenever the opportunity arises, Lori proudly shares her years of insight in hopes to inspire and guide other women navigating the industry. She frequently attends panel discussions, webinars, and podcasts to discuss the steps she has taken to build a company from the ground up.


Donna Warr, Valtera

Starting at 18 years old as the receptionist at Valterra, Donna worked her way up to customer service, learning everything about the products and industry that she could. Her determination gained her the role of National Sales Manager of the RV division where she shined. She quickly became loved across the entire industry and over the last 40+ years her hard work and dedication moved her into the role of Director of Sales overseeing all three of Valterra’s industries.


Through Donna’s tenure at Valterra she oversees several departments including reception and customer service which has been an all female team for over 20 years. She encourages and empowers women to work at Valterra and with her at the helm, her team has members that have been with the company for over 15 years. Their dedication to the company is a direct reflection of Donna’s management, encouragement, and leadership.


The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, October 12 at The Renaissance in Schaumburg, Illinois. Tickets for the Awards Dinner are still available here.