Customer Service 2.0

In March, Troy Becktel presented at our Coffee, Lunch, and Learn on the topic of customer service, which is not a department, but rather a commitment to “best in class” interaction skills. Whether the brand is yourself or your organizations, it is imperative that you know what is important. In the previous session, Troy shared the keys to a “most desired brand” roadmap.

The presentation was so insightful that we were unable to get to all the questions from the audience. In order to further the conversation, Troy is joined us again on Friday, June 4 to answer your questions!

Troy Becktel has more than 30 years of experience in the RV industry, serving many years as the VP of Service for RV manufactures. As a corporate executive, coach, husband, father, and now grandfather, Troy was blessed with many life-lessons, paving the way to what right looks like. He believes that all situations, even the toughest ones, can help one grow and succeed with perseverance and determination.

View the presentation slides here and watch the full video below:

Event sponsored by Huebner Marketing