What RV Customers Want The Industry To Know!

The couple behind StressLess Camping led a discussion with the RV Women’s Alliance on the topic of “What RV customers would like to tell the RV industry. This was an opportunity for members from across the RV industry–manufacturers, suppliers, campgrounds, and dealers to gain insight to the RV consumer.

Camping really is in Peggy’s blood. She was conceived on a camping trip. With her parents and siblings Peggy camped throughout childhood. And she didn’t stop as an adult, working for a travel trailer manufacturer and camping in a tent or even the back of her SUV. Peggy is grateful for the comforts of camping in a travel trailer now that the ground seems so far away.

As a youngster, Tony would skip the fair rides to visit RV salespeople. At 10 he bought his first RV – a Tonka Winnebago – which he still has to this day! Tony worked in the RV industry handling sales and warranty claims while also overseeing a number of websites and social campaigns.

You can watch the replay of the video HERE!