RV Technical Institute Hosts RV Women’s Alliance Drab To Fab Project

Over the past nine months, women from across the RV industry have taken an RV from drab to fab using some of the best RV accessories and RV products on the market today. The project, created and executed by the RV Women’s Alliance, is taking place at the RV Technical Institute, the industry’s leading training center located in the heart of Elkhart, Ind.

“When we were looking for a place to build the RV, the first place we thought of was the RV Technical Institute,” said RV Women’s Alliance President Susan Carpenter. “They immediately agreed, opened their doors to us, and have been an amazing partner to us through this whole journey.”

“We love having the volunteers from the RV Women’s Alliance in the building,” said RV Technical Institute Vice President Sharonne Lee. “This building is where we teach RV service technicians how to service and repair RVs and get involved in the RV industry. This partnership has not only allowed us to help the RV Women’s Alliance, but we have also been able to educate more of the industry about the RV Technical Institute and our mission to improve the customer experience by training and certifying more RV technicians. We have found that if there is a certified RV technician working on a unit, a 21-day turnaround can turn into a 4-day turnaround. That is a very tangible way of improving the RV consumer’s experience.”

“Working with the RV Women’s Alliance just makes sense for us since in many ways our missions are very similar, particularly when it comes to bringing new people into the RV workforce,” said RV Technical Institute Executive Director Curt Hemmeler. “Over the past few months, it has been awesome to see women from across the industry working together to transform the RV here at our Elkhart headquarters and we cannot wait to see the final product.”

The final touches are being put on the RV which will be unveiled at a VIP Reveal Event Wednesday, June 23 at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind. The Reveal Event will also kick off a sweepstakes where one lucky person will win the fully renovated RV.