No Fear Negotiation For Women: The Path to Ask

On Friday, February 26, the RV Women’s Alliance is hosted its third program with John Tinghitella and Nicole Martin on the subject of negotiation training for women. This seminar focused on the all important “Ask”.

John and Nicole bring real world examples to their fast moving training program. The Path to Ask identifies the key stages and successful execution of a negotiation. In previous seminars they offered up the acronym “M.P.A.” as a simple reminder of an effective process. In the M program they explored the crucial importance of turning negotiation from an event, to a mindset. In session two, they dove into the most important aspect of successful negotiations: Preparation. And now we serve up the hardest, but best part: Asking.

John is an RV industry veteran and owner of parts supplier, RV Designer, Wheeling IL. Nicole Martin is a nationally known thought-leader in Female Empowerment. She owns and runs HR Boost, a Chicago area human resources company.

Members of the RV Women’s Alliance can receive a discount off their book with the code: RVWA. To purchase their amazing book, visit: www.nofearnegotiation.com

Watch the full video below:

Event sponsored by LaVanture Products