The RV Women's Alliance is strategically driven by a Board of Directors comprised of individuals from every sector of the RV industry. The board is responsible for strategizing, planning, and helping to implement RVWA's vision.

What we look for


We look for those individuals who have shown leadership capabilities within both their organizations as well as RVWA. We want to see proven competencies in being able to both participate in and lead thoughtful discussions as well as the implementation of plans.

Strategic Thinkers

We look for those individuals that can think beyond the micro day-to-day tasks toward a broader picture. We seek out professionals that have experience in big picture planning and long term results. We want those that strategically think about various solutions to challenges we face as well as those not yet foreseen.


We look for those individuals that understand the diversity of the RV industry and seek to gain input and knowledge from various sources. We want those that want to build a cohesive board of diverse backgrounds that can come together to foster a great alliance for everyone within the RV industry.


We look for those individuals that are strong communicators both during board meetings and out in the community. We look for evangelists that will spread the message of RVWA and work with the alliance to foster new partnerships that will open the door for new members to join.

What we require

Board Member Responsibilities:

·      Knowing the organization’s mission, programs, policies, and                needs

·      Preparing for meetings by reviewing the agenda and supporting          documentation

·       Regularly attending board meetings and participating actively             and conscientiously

·       Keeping up with issues and trends that affect the organization             and the industry we serve

·       Participating in the evaluation of business operations and                     executives

·       Approving audit reports, budgets, and business decisions

·       Contributing to the development of policies and strategic plans

·       Understanding the organization’s financial affairs and ensuring             fiduciary responsibilities are met

·       Ensuring the organization complies with legal requirements 

·       Maintaining confidentiality on all internal organizational affairs

·       Actively support the organization within their own sphere of             influence

·       Assist with raising support for the organization as requested               through their own companies or their sphere of influence by               raising $25,000 in annual sponsorship

·       Represent the Alliance fairly, impartially, and without bias to               avoid potential conflicts of interest

Board Member Requirements:

·      Sufficient time availability for Board duties

·      Willingness to assist with raising organizational support

·      Work within committees to help obtain set goals

·      Must attend 75% of Board meetings each year

·      Knowledge of the organization and the relevant industry

·      Top 3 written commitments to the Board

We believe
we can bring
positive change
to our communities
and our industry,
one woman at a time.