Strategic Plan 2020-2022




RV Women’s Alliance was established in 2019 as an organization of women and men whose desire is to see women become a larger part of the growth in the recreation industry. As of August 2020, we have almost 800 members from almost 400 companies.


To bring inspiration, education, and innovation to the RV Industry and to drive the growth of diversity and inclusion in the workforce


To unite, inspire, recruit, and develop a more diverse workforce by supporting women with education, resources, and opportunities. 


We believe it is critically important to purposefully and effectively pursue our mission to reach our goals. Our desire is to unite, inspire, recruit, and develop a diverse workforce that will include more opportunities for women.

While our primary membership is women, we also welcome men with a desire to see women succeed as a vital part of our alliance. We value the contribution of both genders and refer to our male members as our “champions”.

RVWA feels a great responsibility and a sense of destiny. Our commitment is to never lose sight of the real purpose of our industry and the significance of our work. The RV Industry doesn’t just build a product. We recognize that we impact the lives of those who purchase our products by creating the tools for them to experience life to the fullest. We are a part of creating memories that last much longer than any product ever will. Our impact doesn’t end when the unit is retired, it continues through the memories of those whose lives we touched.

We have before us opportunities and responsibilities. We can provide the workforce of the future, both women and men, with a sense of significance in their work. This is what the next generation of workers desire more than money, fame, or fortune. We want to be intentional about capturing a diverse group of individuals and making them a part of our industry success.




Our strategic plan focuses on a four-step process which we believe is the key to successfully inspiring, recruiting, engaging, and developing a diverse workforce of the future. While our alliance focuses on women, our efforts and resources are available to all members. In order to measure success, it is important to benchmark where we have started. The statistics about women in our industry can be found in the research we commissioned here. Our initiatives are offered regardless of gender, race, age, or culture but the primary recipients of our success will be women and the industry itself.

Corporate Sponsorships


The foundation of our process is to unite the various industry verticals to collectively tackle common barriers to success.

Goal: Unite with strategic partners to effectively accomplish the mission of RVWA.

  • Secure initial financial and industry support
  • Research and define industry needs in alignment with RVWA mission
  • Communicate findings to partners and stakeholders


Next, we must inspire those we wish to employ. Engaging the millennial generation and younger is very different from boomers and beyond. For them it is not about money or position, it is about an opportunity to make a difference. Therefore we must inspire before we can successfully recruit. Once we develop the tools to inspire and are effectively accomplishing this, we can begin to recruit.

Goal: Inspire current and future staff by translating how a career in the RV Industry has a positive impact and makes a difference in the lives of millions each year.

  • Develop “Why Work Here” campaign to inspire the uninspired
  • Identify and create relationships with recruiting partners via strategic alliances including:
    • High School and Technical Schools
    • Military One Source 
    • Goodwill Industry Training Programs
    • Job Corps Organizations
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • VOAG (Vets)
    • Army Morale and Welfare (transitioning soldiers to civilian lives
    • Girl Camper
    • And More!
  • Create and Communicate inspiring messaging via social media channels, strategic partners, influencers, RVWA speaker’s bureau, and online and in-person events.
  • Execute the “Drab to Fab” campaign in partnership with RVTI for reveal at the Girl Camper / RVWA Jamboree in March 2021
    • Engage female staff from the industry to volunteer their time to rehab a really DRAB travel trailer using their job skills and talents to make it FAB!
    • Recruit sponsorships from industry companies to provide products and resources to accomplish this campaign
    • Promote this project publicly via media partners to unite, inspire, recruit, and develop the next generation of RV Industry staff and leaders.


Recruiting into an industry that becomes known for making a difference in the lives of its consumers, and recognized as a top place to work creates the opportunity to recruit the right people. Based on the statistic below, there is a large pool from which to recruit.

Goal: Recruit a diverse workforce, increasing the number of women in the industry from 20% to 25% by 2025.

  • Expand the use and functionality of the Job Board on our website
  • Move from Inspiring to Recruiting via the  “Why Work Here” Campaign
  • Build upon the strategic alliances from Goal 2 and establish working protocols
  • Promote and host online and in-person opportunities for exploring jobs within the RV Industry
  • Implement an online and in-person internship program, working with partners and industry experts like RVTI
  • Develop a Speakers Bureau to be rolled out in 2021
  • Increase membership in RVWA expanding to three levels of participation:
    • Consumers-working with 
    • Seekers-identified as those seeking to work in the industry
    • Guides-those working in the industry and members of RVWA


As our final strategic goal, we recognize that staff who receive ongoing leadership and development training are happier, stay longer, and are more productive. 

Historically, the industry has not made investments in individuals as a priority because of the “job hoping that has become standard.” This plan can help to minimize this trend and build retention and we intend to measure these results to prove this.

Goal: Provide career growth and development opportunities for members and partners, equipping individuals for a successful and long career in the RV Industry.

  • Launch an online LMS (Learning Management System) that will serve our members and our partners by providing educational content focused on our 4 key initiatives: Unite, Inspire, Recruit, and Develop
  • Provide Development Opportunities as an ongoing benefit of RVWA membership and partnership
  • Continue to Host and improve the Friday Coffee Lunch and Learn Program
  • Host online training webinars weekly
  • Host in-person training via our ambassadors as well as at major events
  • Host Annual Leadership Banquet including annual awards
  • Host regional events bringing consumers and industry staff together via a partnership with
  • Develop a Speakers Bureau (Extension of Goal 3)

What Our Members Have To Say 

“I think RVWA is a powerful way to connect women and men in this industry and to give us a way to network and grow with others.” ~ Nicole Bertsch– (Johnson RV; Director of Marketing) 

“This organization is a most important addition by bringing together an alliance of the amazing women in our industry. It’s an exciting way for those in all branches of our industry to communicate, network, and share ideas.” ~ Sherry Shields (Pan Pacific RV Centers, Inc, Corporate Secretary) 

“Many young women like myself have large career goals that can often seem impossible to reach being a female in such a large male dominant industry. To have a group of people come together to help change this mindset is very uplifting.” ~Brooke Fedder (Patrick industries- Human Resources) 

It’s about time that this industry has recognized women. I grew up in a family-owned dealership, I’m 57. Women are still not appreciated for their knowledge, even though it’s getting better.” ~ Cathy Partridge (International RV World; Parts Manager/Warranty Manager) 

“To support outreach to women consumers as the economic decision-makers in most households & as the fastest-growing demographic in entrepreneurship – yet we are underrepresented at both the manufacturer and dealer level.” ~ Diane McNamara (Fire it Up PR; President) 

“This is a very important time in our society and our industry. To have the opportunity help promote jobs and placement for women in our industry and to mentor the next generation is of critical importance to me.  Very exciting to have the RVWA  here and now to lead the charge!” Leo Akin (Corporate Compliance Officer Forest River)

“I believe RVWA is important to our industry because it offers a one-of-a-kind, inclusive platform for professionals and enthusiasts to connect on a common topic.  RVWA has the potential to transform the way our industry can grow together in understanding the roles and responsibilities of suppliers, manufacturers, dealers and Campers.  What an opportunity we have to celebrate an industry, a lifestyle we all love.  Thank you RVWA for making it possible.” Nicole Sult (Senior Director of Customer Experience, Lippert Components)“As a woman in the RV industry, and knowing how so many RV purchasing decisions are driven by women, it’s so important to have the support, dedication and voice of RVWA as champions, leaders and uniters, at a time we need it most. Already I am seeing the positive benefits of the RVWA in sharing valuable information, connecting good people – women and men – to achieve great things. There’s a powerful mission and a unifying force at work through RVWA’a leadership that is showing what can be done when people from all corners of the industry work together and collaborate for the greater good.”

Julie Bennett, Author and co-founder at, RV Success School and Hit the Road RV Summit

“RVWA is a timely and important group as the industry continues to grow with changing demographics. The old stereotypes don’t work anymore. Our customers are successful businesswomen, stay at home mothers, young adults embarking on new careers and a new generation of RVers that will not be buying houses, instead they will be working and living in an RV as they travel around this great country. It is important that our industry also reflect the same demographics and that women have equal opportunities to advance their careers in whatever position they hold in the industry today. When we look past our egos, most men will readily admit that women bring a great perspective discussions and decision making because they tend to be more detailed and can visualize the end result better men.” Bob Zagami, President NERVDA, Host RVing in New England

“RVWA harnesses the collaborative power of some of the top minds in the RV industry, and allows women a way to work together for the good of the RV industry as a whole.  I am proud to be a part of RVWA and its mission of empowering women leaders!” Jennifer Mercer, Director of Development, Care Camps


The mention of any corporations or organizations within this plan is not meant to convey that they are or are not supporters of this Strategic Plan but that they are examples of the industries we have all grown to respect within our industry and would like to have participate.



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Success Measurements by Initiative:

Below you will find the details of the initiatives we will undertake to implement our strategic plan as well as the ways in which we will measure our success. This documentation is a living document and will be adjusted as we implement each phase to improve success and correct any misdirections. Due Dates may also be changed based on funding received from this plan.

Goal # 1: Unite

  1. Secure Initial Financial and Industry Support-Through hard work, personal introductions, long term friendships, and relationships in and outside the RV Industry, our goal is to find partners who want to join us in our mission by:

  • Investing financially in our mission-

    • Measurable: Secure at least one financial partner from all major verticals by February 2021 including:

  • RV Manufacturers

  • Vehicle Converters

  • Dealers

  • Campgrounds

  • Distributors & Wholesalers

  • RV Associations (may not be financial)

  • RV Services

  • RV Suppliers

  • Financial Institutions

  • Transportation Sector

        • Measurable: Secure 12 representative from industry willing to serve as advisors by end of 2020

        • Measurable: 80% Participation in yearly advisory team meetings (90 minutes meeting via zoom)

        • Measurable: 90% satisfaction rating from advisors on the effectiveness of the program

        • Measurable: Engagement in the ongoing strategy of RVWA from industry leaders in both number and retention rates.

  • Participation in the annual industry needs survey

    • Measurable: 100% participation of members and partners in the RVWA industry survey

  • Support on the implementation and use of the LMS system (Learning Management System)

    • Measurable: The addition of 5 new pieces of content per quarter from partners

    • Measurable: The addition of 4 pieces of content created by RVWA each month with 90% content value rating from members

  1. Research and Define Industry needs in alignment with the RVWA mission. 

  • Meet with RV Industry leaders from our board, advisory team, and by personal invitation to better understand the needs of the industry and how that relates to future staffing and internal career growth opportunities

    • Measurable: Meet with 15 leaders in a round table format to discuss current needs by October 1, 2020.

    • Measurable: Complete a written document of findings by November 1, 2020.

  • Compare industry findings with national research for any insights or strategies

    • Measurable: Identify and review 3 research reports relating to identified industry needs by December 15. 2020 

    • Measurable: Host an invitation-only meeting to review all of the data and deliver actionable items by February 15, 2021.

  1. Communicate final findings to partners and stakeholders

  • Incorporate the agreed-upon action items into the strategic plan as tasks by initiative with measurables by March 15, 2021.

  • Gather final input from partners/stakeholders and finalize any updates to plan within 30 days.

      • Measurable: 100% inclusion of partners and alliance members in the research process by April 15, 2021

      • Measurable: 90% satisfaction rate on the process and content of the survey of partners/alliances. by March 30, 2021