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Your financial partnership allows us to fully establish and deliver the key initiatives to our members as outlined in our strategic plan. You can request the full plan by emailed us at info@rvwa.org.
Our commitment to our partners, investors and sponsors is to fulfill our strategic goal to Unite, Inspire, Recruit, and Develop those in the RV Industry workforce, with a focus on women and minorities. Below are just a few of the ways in which we will do this:
Each year the industry is faced with challenges that can be better resolved together. While competition among our industry is natural and even beneficial, there is common ground that we can find in resolving these issues. The goal of RVWA is to be the leader in providing solution that positively resolves barriers to success. In 2020, the identified focus is the recruitment of new individuals into our workforce.
The RVWA will host events designed to promote the industry to women and minorities. Through these events, we will provide networking and leadership training opportunities, and recognize the contributions of those in the industry who put RVWA’s mission into action. Through inspiration and education, we will recruit new individuals into the industry as well as helping those already in the workforce grow in their career path.
Leadership Development
One of RVWA’s primary goals is the develop leadership skills in every individual that is a part of our workforce. This will be done by partnering with organizations like RVTI as well as by launching our own learning management system.  Content will be available to members on-demand and can be made available to employers for review based on the permission of the member.
Entrepreneur Program
RVWA will create and implement programs for women entrepreneurs who are developing innovative products for the industry. These innovative products can be reviewed and shared with corporate members with the permission of the entrepreneur.
Speakers and Subject Matter Experts
RVWA will be the authority for providing speakers and career advice advocates to help women and minorities enter leadership positions. The focus will be on identifying strategic content for both men and women in the industry that will encourage, inspire, and motivate them to achieve more.
RVWA commissioned the first study of women in the industry in 2019. This research will be used as a benchmark for future research that will show the success of our industry on including women and minorities successfully into our workforce.


As you can see, there are many initiatives mentioned and these are just a few of our 2020 – 2023 Strategic Plan. Here are several ways you can make a difference.


Bronze Partners-    $ 1,000 per month

Silver Partners-       $ 2,500 per month

Gold Partners-        $ 5,000 per month

Platinum Partners-  $10,000 per month


Events Sponsorships starting at $250

Annual Support Decals  $500

Campaign Sponsorship- Starting at $500 and including product and service donations.

Product and Services

Many of our events and campaigns will provide an opportunity for you to provide product or services.


One of the easiest things that you can do to support RVWA at little to no cost to you is to promote us through your network. Many are already doing this via their websites, email campaign, and donated banner ads. Additionally, we love it when you support us by spreading the word to your own employees and encourage them to be a part of our organization. It’s free and has amazing benefits.Ways