Sponsorship Information



Corporate sponsorships are used to fully establish and support the Women’s Alliance by delivering key programs to members of the alliance. Programs include website development and marketing, fundraising events, mentor programs, career advice, and membership recruitment.
  • The RVWA plans to host events around the country designed to promote the industry to women, provide networking and leadership training opportunities, and recognize the contributions of those in the industry who put RVWA’s mission into action. Many events will be held in conjunction with existing RV industry events across the country. We will also host webinars and other virtual events in an effort to be inclusive and accessible to everyone in the RV industry.
Leadership Development and Role Models
  • One of RVWA’s primary goals is the develop leadership skills for women in the industry through mentorship, webinar training sessions and career advice from women and men in the industry.
  • With the support of corporate donations, the RVWA will be able to develop and implement programs for women entrepreneurs who are developing innovative products for the industry. The program will help get businesses off the ground in this market through donations, mentorship, business and career advice, funding and more.
Speakers and Content
  • The RVWA will be the authority for finding speakers and career advice advocates to help women enter leadership positions. Focus will be on creating great content for both men and women in the industry.
Research Funding
  • There is so much research out there on millennials and consumers, however it would be groundbreaking and newsworthy the develop a research project about women it the RV workforce and how they are making contributions to the industry. Research could focus on pain points and what development tools are needed for success.

Note from our Board President

As you can see, there are many ways to support the efforts of RVWA. If you’d like to sponsor one of our events, you can find out more about what opportunities are currently available by using the contact us button below.

You can also choose to support us through partnerships, service, promotion. We have had wonderful support from some of our media partners who have promoted the organizations rather than sponsoring a specific events. We have had organizations partner with us on campaigns, and we have had businesses donate time or resources. 

Recognizing that this organization is still very young, we appreciate so much the sponsors and supporters who are investing in us as we invest in women who will become their next great employee.

The best and final way to support us is with an annual or monthly pledge. Pledge support allows us to provide membership and services for free on a consistent basis. We are always good stewards of the resources that are provided to us. We operate our organization primarily with volunteers who give of themselves hundreds of hours each month. We only recently hired a paid executive director as we reached a stage where it was necessary.

Annual and monthly partners help to shape the services we provide to women not only in financial ways, but by helping us determine industry needs that we can help to me. 

We look forward to partnership with you.

Susan Carpenter


To learn more about partnering with us, connect with any of our board members, committee members, or click the link below.