Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee manages the organization’s website and social media presence, raises awareness of the RVWA and its mission to the entire RV industry, and supports the fundraising, events, and membership committees with marketing material and other collateral.
Contact Committee Chair Monika Geraci to learn more about the Marketing Committee:

Events Committee

The Events Committee works to plan and execute a wide range of events for RVWA members. Events include networking, volunteer, professional development, and mentoring.
Contact Committee Chair Tracy Anglemeyer to learn more about the Events Committee:

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee develops fundraising plans, identifies potential sources for fundraising, provides sponsorship information and paperwork to prospective sponsors, creates promotions for events we host, ensures that the funds raised are used for the intended purposes of directly support RVWA and its events, and maintains relationships with donors and sponsors- keeping them updated on what RVWA has going on and how they can be included.

Contact Committee Chair Jordyn Foos to learn more about the Sponsorship Committee:

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the other committees to ensure a rewarding experience for all RVWA members. The committee also works to grow our membership.
Contact Committee Chair Jennet Lewis to learn more about the Membership Committee:

We always need more hard-working people to help each committee. If you are interested in joining, click the button below to get more information about joining a committee!